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Welcome to our Vintage Pattern Shop. On this page you will find vintage sewing patterns from the 1940's. World War II had a huge impact on everything during the forties and fashion was no exception. Once Paris fell to the Germans, American designers no longer had access to the haute couture designs. Natural fabrics were being rationed for the war and synthetic fabrics like rayon began to be used more often. People dress more casually in sportswear and separates. The silhouette of the forties was wide shoulders, narrow hips, bias cut skirts and peplums were popular.

We have a large selection of vintage patterns and fabrics to help you design your own one of a kind vintage 40's look.

Check back often as we are always adding new items.  If you are looking for something and don't find it here just drop us a line as we may have it in stock.

Remember the Fifties?  
Trends in fashion Shoulder Pads, Sportswear, Hats, Ruffles, Peplums, Dior's New Look, Bias Cut SKirts, Wedgie Shoes, Alligator Shoes & Purses, Siren SUit, Turban, Platform Shoes, Fur Stoles
Movie Stars Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Lana Turner,
Movies Rear Window, Some Like it Hot, Rebel Without a cause, Streetcar Named Desire
Hair-dos Chignon, Platinum Blonde, Long Curls Like Veronica Lake

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