Vintage Mannequins
For Sale

Each of the mannequins below are currently for sale.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Pointy girl (3rd from left) is SOLD

Email me at if you would like more pictures or information on any mannequin.


    Spread Eagle

$700 + shipping



$750 + shipping

  Amazon Lady 

$800 + shipping

Leaning Lady

$700 + shipping

  Sitting Pretty

$950 + shipping

  Photo Poser

$900 + shipping


$850 + shipping

Laying Down

$900 + shipping


$800 + shipping

Sitting casual

$700 + shipping

The time has come for me to face facts.

I am addicted to mannequins!

Call me crazy but I LOVE them.

And why not? They're beautiful.

They don't make messes, I don't have to cook for them. They never talk back but they are great listeners. They are fun to 'dress up' but won't complain if they don't have a clean shirt to wear in the morning.

OK, I digress.

I've gotten a little carried away in my obsession and have decided to (okay, I was pressured into) thinning out my collection. You don't stay married for 29 years without making a few sacrifices. ::Humph::pout::

Anyway-my heartbreak is your opportunity.

Now, don't get me wrong-I am a fanatic not an expert.  I have mannequins by Grennaker, Wolf & Vine, Rootstein, Patina V & Decter but honestly cannot remember which are which except for the ones that are clearly stamped. So I am picturing all markings and fittings so that if maker is important to you you'll be able to determine that on your own.


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