Ladies' Department Vintage Coats, Furs & Jackets

Vintage 40's Gray Wool Suit Jacket With Lush Fox Collar L
42" Chest


Vintage 60's Full Length Black And White HerringboneUltra Mod Coat
42" Chest


Vintage 60's Black Wool Navy Peacoat Pea Coat L
40" Chest


Vintage 40's WWII Horse Hair Horsehair Hide Evening Full Length Coat L
40" Chest


Vintage 20's Silk Velvet And Rabbit Fur Full Length Opera Coat
44" Chest


Vintage 50's Cream Cashmere Full Length Coat XL


Vintage 60's Faux Spotted Fur Ultra Mod Coat XL


Vintage 50's Hot Pink Textured Wool Full Length Coat L


Vintage 50's Black Wool Mink Collar Coat XL


Vintage 60's Burgundy Sheared Lamb Short Fur Coat L


Vintage 50's Hot Pink Tweed Fur Lined Coat XL


Vintage 60's Mod Trapestry Coat With Fur Collar And Cuffs XL


Vintage 40's Black Velvet Full Length Opera Coat


Vintage 60's Navy Blue Wool Pea Coat With Plaid Lining L/XL
Chest: 44" Waist: 42"

Orig.: $220.00
Sale: $199.00

Black 100% Wool Jason Kole Double Breasted Pea Coat XL
Bust: 48" Waist: 46"

Orig.: $70.00
Sale: $60.00

Vintage Creamy White Cross Mink Fur Stroller Jacket M/L
BUST 40" WAIST 40"

Orig.: $700.00
Sale: $650.00

Vintage Fur Coat Sheared Beaver MOD 60's S/M

Orig.: $325.00
Sale: $295.00

Vintage 50's Light Brown Mink Collar

Orig.: $25.00
Sale: $20.00

Vintage 50's Dark Brown Mink Fur Collar

Orig.: $25.00
Sale: $20.00

Vintage 50's Full Length Beaver Fur Coat XL

Orig.: $900.00
Sale: $850.00

Vintage 20's Flapper Seal Coat L/XL


Vintage 70's Black Tipped White Mink Coat M/L

Orig.: $1,200.00
Sale: $1,100.00

Vintage 60's Pale Yellow Raw Silk Trench Coat 40" Bust


Vintage 60's Oleg Cassini Patchwork Mink Fur and Leather Coat 40" Bust


Vintage 60's Red Plaid Jacket Blazer S/M


Vintage 60's Nubby Wool Plaid Coat M/L

Orig.: $50.00
Sale: $35.00

Vintage 50's Rockabilly Seersucker Cropped Jacket S/M


Vintage 50's K-Bar-Z Westernwear Frindged Leather and Cowhair Jacket S

Orig.: $149.99
Sale: $119.00

Soft Suede Leather Fringe Motorcycle Mama Cropped Jacket L


Vintage Ladies Smoking Jacket Damask Paisley L


Vintage 50's Black Wool Tweed Coat with Sheared Beaver Collar L/XL

Orig.: $199.99
Sale: $179.00

Vintage 50's Brown Wool Warm And Fuzzy Car Coat L

Orig.: $79.99
Sale: $59.00

Vintage 60's Ladies Black Polka Dot Rain Trench Coat Extra L


60's Vintage Women's Coat Sears Navy Blue Naval Pea Coat Peacoat L
BUST 44" WAIST 44"


70's Vintage Womens Coat Full Length Mink Fur Coat M
BUST 40" WAIST 42"

Orig.: $379.99
Sale: $200.00

60's Vintage Womens Coat Faux Mink Fur Double Breasted Coat M
BUST 36" WAIST 31"

Orig.: $129.99
Sale: $89.00

Russian Princess Military Mink Pea Coat S/M
BUST 36" WAIST 32"

Orig.: $125.00
Sale: $100.00

Vintage 50's Blonde Mink Stole Wrap


Vintage 50's Black And Tan Wool Herringbone Car Coat
45" Chest


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